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GCRC Current Members


Carol Cortilet - Chicago State University

Jerry Pinotti - Concordia University

Kate Dalin - Depaul University

Hilarie Longnecker - DePaul University

Karyn McCoy - DePaul University

Laura Droste - DePaul University

Antionette Taylor-Thomas DePaul University

Holly Coffin - Elmhurst College

Darcie Campos - Governor's State

Dartina Dunlap - Governor's State

Cynthia Staples - Governor's State

Warren Kistner - Illinois Wesleyan University

Stephanie Enervold - Lewis Univeristy

Catherine Doederlein - Northern Illinois University

Melissa Stutz - Roosevelt University

Jennifer Wonderly - Roosevelt University

Chris Willis - Roosevelt University

Aaron Kennedy - Roosevelt University

Grace Whiting - Roosevelt University

Danette Schulz - Roosevelt University

Carol Coston - University of Illinois - Chicago

Cynthia C. Graham - University of Illinois - Chicago

Thy Nguyen - University of Illinois - Chicago

Jaime Velasquez - University of Illinois - Chicago

Elizabeth Herrera - University of Illinois - Chicago

Leslie Andersen - University of Chicago - The Harris School

Government Agencies

Cheryl Shearer - 19th Judicial Circuit Court Lake Co.

Brandi Romag - Arlington Heights Police Dept.

Patricia Witkowski - Bennett Aerospace/Outreach Coordinator

Sherry Padyasek - Glendale Heights Police Dept.

Edward Coleman - Metropolitan Water Reclamation 

                                  District of Greater Chicago

Dominic Gagliardi - U.S. Department of Justice

                                   Office of the Inspector General

Robert Neus - U.S. Department of State

Vayram Nyadroh - U.S. Department of State

Theresa Gibbs - U.S. General Services Administration

Nelson Moreno - United States Marine Corps

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